Red Basket - BAS4193


This basket is ideal for all your gift packaging. Dress up your products with a touch of class. Easy to use and decorate, just slip your gift inside and you got yourself a beautiful gift.


S : 28x21xH9/HH(27)Cm     
M : 33x26xH11/HH(30)Cm  
L : 40x34xH13/HH(35)Cm 
XL: 44x38xH14.5/HH(40)Cm

Price per Set of 4 ( S, M L& XL) : $40

Individual Pricing:

S: $8 each

M: $10 each

L: $12 each

XL: $14 each


Price is before discount. Percentage of discount depends on the quantity purchase.

Price DOES NOT include delivery.